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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

[POST EVENT] Korean Lifestyle Road show 2017 brought the best of “Hallyu” to Kuala Lumpur

KUALA LUMPUR - The Korean Lifestyle Road show 2017 organized by CNE Global Sdn Bhd was successfully held on 22nd and 23rd April 2017 at Ground Floor Central of Berjaya Times Square. It was an event to embrace the appreciation towards Koreans’ unique culture and trendy products among Malaysians. 

About 25,000 visitors attended the road show with the intention to get healthy Korean food and beverages, interested with the trendiest Korean beauty products, as well as experience unique Korean traditional arts and culture in Korean Lifestyle Road Show 2017. Many freebies were given out to the public such as beauty products, healthy snacks and the prizes for Facebook activities winners which were Korean products sponsored by Preto Acai, KIODA, Miseoul, Tony Moly and Karmart.  “We always look forward to share Korean culture and trends to the Malaysians, by creating a wonderful Korea ambiance here through showcasing the traditional culture to experience and offer the trendiest products from Korea.” said Ms. Nicole Kim, the manager director of CnE Global, the event organizer.

Participated food and beverages as well as beauty brands from South Korea had made visitors curious to know and eager to try with their friends and families back at home. The food and beverages products focus on improving health-being and for the beauty brands products are absolutely natural. Each of the brands has its own unique benefits that will improve Malaysians inner and outer glow through the Korean way.

The two-day event had a range of K-activities such as the traditional Korean art and culture workshop that allowed the locals to experience Korean traditional wear, otherwise known as “Hanbok” and having their names written in Korean calligraphy style. “I was extremely excited to know that the event had Hanbok for adults as well as kids to try on. The adult version gives an elegant and innocence vibe and as for the kids version is so cute!” said Ms. Tan Chea Mei with her kids, who is one of the visitors exciting waiting for their turn with the Hanbok.  

The free Korean street food tasting was another highly awaited session as it was the famous and delicious Toppokki (soft rice cake with sweet red chilli sauce) being served. Not forgetting the core of Hallyu, the K-pop cover dance which covers the most popular and influential K-pop songs of all times, Genesis; whom was the champion for Dream Stage Dance completion in Singapore and Universal Music Malaysia Kpop Crazy Party. They had made the crowd went on their toes enjoying the performance and music. 

Picture 1: Korean Lifestyle Road show 2017 is kid-friendly to enjoy Korean culture for all ages. 

Picture 2: Visitors got their chance to learn to write their names in Hangul, Korean language. 

Picture 3: Visitors get to know better about Korean healthy beverages the Korean way. 

Picture 4: Kids and adults get to wear the Hanbok, Korean traditional costume and get their photos taken from Korea’s scenery. 

Picture 5: Genesis, working their K-pop cover dance moves to get the hype with the visitors.

Picture 6: Korean street food, Toppokki, was given out to let visitors have a taste of the soft rice cake with sweet red chilli sauce.

We would like to congratulate CNE Global Sdn for successfully hosting the event and we are definitely excited for more future activities from them! :) 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

[EVENT] Korean Lifestyle Road Show 2017 - a fair showcasing the best of Korean culture and the trendiest products

Indulge in all things Korean at the Korean Lifestyle Road Show 2017, a fair showcasing the best of Korean culture and the trendiest products. The 2-day event will be happening on 22nd and 23rd April 2017 (Saturday and Sunday) from 10.00AM to 10.00PM at Ground Central Floor, Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur.

There will be a variety of new products for consumers to explore and new brands on the shelves such as color cosmetics, functional skin care, lifestyle, healthy food and beverages as well as yummy snacks.  As an added treat, visitors to the roadshow will be able to receive Korean products goodies bag sponsored by Tony Moly, Karmart, Acai Preto, Kioda, and Miseoul.

Not forgetting the Hallyu fans, get ready for a delightful array of activities during the road show such as:
·         K-Pop cover dance
·         Hands-on traditional Korean culture and art workshop
·         Experiencing Korean Hanbok (a traditional Korean costume)
·         Enjoy the tasty Korean street food
·         K-Beauty and K-Snacks samples to try on. 

The “Hallyu” Movement
In recent years, the “Hallyu” wave or Korean wave, which describes the popularity of Korean culture, has intensified.  Just last year and the beginning of this year, K-dramas such as Descendants of the Sun and Goblin and hit songs by K-pop groups such as EXO and Twice have further ignited the interest in K-Culture amongst Malaysians.

The 3rdedition of the Korean Lifestyle Road Show will feature ‘ALL THINGS KOREAN’ especially for “Hallyu” fans, ranging from K-Beauty, K-Culture K-Food, K-Lifestyle and many more.

For more information on the Korean Lifestyle Roadshow 2017, interested parties can contact the organiser at +603-6203 3663 or drop an email at and follow the event’s Facebook page at for more giveaways and programs updates.


Picture 1: Consumers will be swamped with interesting trends and products from Korea

Picture 2: Among the fun activities at the Korean Lifestyle Roadshow, visitors can dress up in the Korean traditional costume (Hanbok) and experience the traditional culture and art.

Picture 3: Visitors can try various K-Snacks which are only available in Korea.

Picture 4: Learn how to write your Korean name as well as experiencing traditional K-Art at the traditional Korean culture and art corner.

Picture 5: A spectacular K-Pop dance covers to well-loved Korean hit songs with brilliantly choreographed moves that will awe the audience. 

*AUTHORS NOTE: Our previous 3rd batch #MYKPOPNewYearGA giveaway prizes were sponsored by Korean Lifestyle Road Show, and we were delighted to hold the contest for our loyal fans! Check them out to see what fun activities and more giveaways that they will be bring for Malaysian KPOP fans! ;) 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

[BLOG] Something to look forward to in 2018 :)

PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018. The most anticipated winter Olympic Games in 2018. I managed to attend the opening ceremony hosted by Korea Tourism Organization in Malaysia, also known as KTO Malaysia, at Menara Hap Seng the other day.

So, what is so special about the PyeongChang Winter Olympics? For those who didn’t know, this is their 2nd time organizing the Olympics, the first one took place in 1988. Cited by Mr. Lee Younggeun, the Managing director of Korea Tourism Organization of the Malaysia Branch, “2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is a great opportunity for Korea to build up the new brand awareness. At the same  time,  Malaysian  tourist  can  rediscover  Korea  that  they  haven’t  known  yet. For example, Gangneung County hasn’t been introduced much to Malaysia, but is a good destination where you can feel the Korea tradition and modern life at the best. Thus KTO will work closely with ˹Wow! PyeongChang!˼ supporters to promote the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic together with introducing Olympic cities in depth.” 

Still feeling a bit clueless about the whole Olympic thingy? Don’t worry, cause you never walk alone on this! (lol). Firstly, let me introduce to you the slogan of the PyeongChang Olympic Winter 2018 “Passion. Connected”, with the slogan in mind, PyeongChang Winter Olympic 2018 wishes to create a festivity and hospitality era furthermore, introducing Korea’s cutting edge technology that connects traditional and modern cultures and transcend through generations. Now, we of course can’t forget about the cute mascots for the Olympics,  Soohorang, a white tiger that represents trust, strength and protection, and Bandabi, an Asiatic black bear represents strong will and courage (both, by the way, are available as animated emoticons in Kakaotalk! Look up for it cause it’s very cute ;D)

Let’s move on to the most important detail of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Where and when? This event will be held at PyeongChang, Gangneung and Jeongseon and the event will run for 17 days, from 9th until April 2017, with more than 50,000 participants from 95 countries. (Wow!)   

To hype up the PyeongChang Winter Olympics even more, several testing programs have already been organized from February last year and on-going till April 2017, with 3,000 participants expected to participate in the test events – many of them coming to Korea for the first time – as well as 1,000 volunteers. What is test events? Well, it's basically an opportunity for participants and officials to familiarize themselves with the competition venues and host region. It will also be the perfect platform to encourage the public to involve and connect with the PyeongChang Winter Olympics events and games. 

Furthermore in order to accommodate the number of visitors coming for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, several stadiums and new highway  are being constructed. When these new highways are completed and open to the public, it will distribute the traffic volume between Seoul area and Gangwon province or Gangneung thus improving the travel distance between this two area. Also, anyone going for the ice sport competition from Gangneung will have something to be excited about as the new highway between East Hongcheon and Yangyang will shorten the travel time, 

What more can we say about the PyeongChang Winter Olympics other than it’s going to  be great! Stay tune for more information about the event cause we are very much excited for it and that’s what we are going to talk about all year! ;) In the meantime, if you’re planning to visit the Seoul this year and need assistance in your itinerary, just head over to Korean Tourism Organization Malaysia.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

[EVENT COVERAGE] K’Storm Vol.2 Dance Cover Competition Grand Final

Proudly presented by Magnum and organized by Mega Ultimate, one of the most anticipated Kpop Dance Cover Competitions in Malaysia - K’Storm VOL. 2 Kpop Dance Cover Competition Grand Final has completed successfully on 17th December 2016, 7pm, at Mega Star Arena! A total of 15 groups have competed with each other for the title of Champion during the grand final after going through the state selection rounds.

The organizers and judges travelled across several states in Malaysia to gather all Kpop dance lovers to join the competition and encourage youngsters to participate in this dance competition. The journey to the Grand Final consisted of 4 stages: Registration & Video Submission, Stage Audition (Preliminary 1), Finalists Selection (Preliminary 2) and the Grand Finale. In addition, the organizer had arranged a special workshop for all the finalists with the aim of giving them an opportunity to experience being a Korean dance trainee, pick up additional knowledge from the International Judges and interact and cultivate good relations amongst other group members that were also in the finals.

The contestants were judged based on the following judging criteria: Kpop identity, Dance Cover, Synchronization, Creativity and Popularity. The organizers gathered experienced judges for Vol. 2 of the competition, namely; Dayana Anith (Epsilon), Joel Tee (Progression Dance Crew), Sean Lee (Fuxion Dance Crew) and Haelim (Des Crew from Singapore). This year, the organizer had also invited a famous dance choreographer from Korea to be the special judge, Kasper, who has worked with Korean artists like EXO!

The grand opening event started with a stunning performance by the judges and followed with the performance by K’Storm Vol.1 Champion – Mad.G. The show also had a special segment whereby children between the ages of 5-12 who participated in the competition but were not selected to enter the finals were invited to give a special performance at the Grand Finals. All performances were fantastic! After an intense battle amongst the Grand Finalists, the Champion of K’Storm Vol. 2 Kpop Dance Cover Competition finally emerged. 

Top 3 Finalists
Champion – FXN: RM 8,000 Cash Prize + Trophy

1st Runner Up – FIREX: RM 4,000 Cash Prize + Trophy

2nd Runner Up – Kingsman : RM 2,000 Cash Prize + Trophy

i)                    Subsidiary Title Awards
Best Costume Award – Virus Ladies: RM 500 Cash Prize

Audience Choice Award –The Kickers: RM 500 Cash Prize

Most Viewed Video Award – TSWT: RM 500 Cash Prize

K’ Storm VOL. 2 Kpop Dance Cover Competition was proudly brought to you by Magnum, organized by Mega Ultimate. Official Grand Final Venue: Mega Star Arena. Venue Sponsors : IOI Mall Kulai, Sungei Wang Plaza, Megamal Pinang, Mahkota Parade and Klang Parade. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

[EVENT] K'Storm Vol. 2 KPOP Dance Cover Competition Grand Final

The  basic  formula  of  KPOP  music  is  a  mixture  of  sugary,  electro-fused  dance  hits
with irresistible  repetitive  choruses. It wasn’t  a worldwide phenomenon until the  late 2000s
where  groups such  as Girl’s Generation, Super Junior  and  Wonder Girls  released  their top
hits  that  caught  the  attention  of  the  world.  The  Korean  pop  culture  has  now  extended  its
tentacles across numerous countries and has bridged cultures globally.

The latest phenomenon is Dance Covers of the music videos where KPOP enthusiasts
learn  and  imitate  their  idol’s  dance  moves,  record  and  upload  the  video  onto  social  media
sites. And thus, here is the second season of K’Storm Dance Cover Competition.

K’Storm Vol. 2 continues the upsurge of the trend by providing KPOP fans a platform
to show off their dance skills to the public! This competition will be held nationwide across 4
states, namely Klang Valley (2 venues), Johor, Penang and Malacca.  It is consists of 4 stages:
Registration  &  Video  Submission,  Stage  Audition  (Preliminary  1),  Finalists  Selection
(Preliminary 2) and Grand Finale.

Each state will have a State Winner that will walk away with RM500 in cash prize
and top 3 performances from each state will be chosen to enter the Grand Finals. Therefore a
total  of  15  groups  will  be  eligible  to  compete  in  the  Grand  Finals  and  be  crowned  the
Champion of K’Storm VOL. 2  Dance Cover Competition 2016!  In addition,  a workshop for
the Grand Finalists  will be arranged for the  purpose of  giving them the  experience  of what
being a trainee in Korea is like!

Hurry and sign up now! Total worth of RM 20,000 in  cash and prizes are waiting for
you.  The  Champion  will  win  RM8,  000  cash  prizes  along  with  other  amazing  prizes;  1st Runner  Up  and  2nd Runner  Up  will  be  walking  away  with  RM4,000  and  RM2,000
respectively.  In  addition,  Best  Group  Attire  Award,  Audience  Choice  Award  and  Most
Viewed Video awards are also up for grabs.

K’  Storm  VOL.  2  Dance  Cover  Competition  2016  is  proudly  brought  to  you  by
Magnum  and  organized  by  Mega  Ultimate.  Venue  Sponsor:  IOI  Mall  Kulai,  Sungei  Wang
Plaza,  Megamal  Pinang,  Mahkota  Parade  and  Klang  Parade.  Official  Grand  Final  Venue:
Mega Star Arena.

For more information, kindly  contact  Charmaine Foong at 03-9107 7223. You may
also  log  on  to  ,  or for more event details.

Monday, 10 October 2016


Melodies, you asked for it and they hear you!

Sj Entertainment are now accepting 50% down payment for you to secure your tickets for the BTOB fan meeting in Manila. For more details and further assistance kindly visit SJ Entertainment.

In the mean time, if you’re planning to book your ticket, there are still time to make your purchase through TICKET WORLD.

Ticket Prices:
VVIP - Php 9,500
VIP - Php 8,000
**Gold - Php 6,000 lowered down to Php 5,000
Silver - Php 3,00


Changes in price tickets updated by SJ Entertainment

All VVIP and VIP holders will get a chance to take home a signed album that will be released soon, high five and group picture that will contain 50 pax per photo.

Besides from these perks, all ticket holders will get the chance to win the following:

Now, don't forget to grab your tickets and be apart of the special event. One thing we are sure of, BTOB is excited for their first fan meeting in Manila so don't miss out!

Special thanks to SJ Entertainment for the update. 

Thursday, 6 October 2016


Born to Beat or also known as BtoB is heading back to Manila! 

It may not be Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon, and Sungjae first time in the Philippines but this will be their first ever fan meeting in the Philippines which is bound to happen this coming October 29, 2016 at the Theater, Solaire Resorts and Casino. 

Debuted in 2012, BtoB is one of the leading boy groups in Korea under the management of Cube Entertainment. Since their debut, the boys has been releasing countless hits such as WoW, Thriller and Beep Beep. 

Though this is not the first time of the boys in the Philippines, this will be the first time that they will be a solo act. In 2014, Btob graced the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 together with SUPER JUNIOR-M, BAP, BLOCK B, A-JAX, and A PRINCE. Joining another stellar concert line-up, BtoB returned to the Philippines in 2015 with Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet and Super Junior for the Best of Best Concert.

This concert is brought to you by SJ Entertainment, a budding concert event organizer that brought The Korean Legends Concert with Boohwhal, Kim Hyun Jung and CLC last August 13 of this year.

Tickets are now available through TICKETWORLD

Ticket Prices:

VVIP - Php 9,500
VIP - Php 8,000
Gold - Php 6,000
Silver - Php 3,00

All VVIP and VIP holders will get a chance to take home a signed album that will be released soon, high five and group picture that will contain 50 pax per photo. 

Besides from these perks, all ticket holders will get the chance to win the following:

Thank to SJ Entertainment for the media press!
Don't forget to purchase your tickets Melodies and treat yourself to high quality music from BTOB